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widget texte multi lignes 245-widget-texte-multi-lignes.png
widget saisie standard 244-widget-saisie-standard.png
Widget example widget_example.png
widget date heure 243-widget-date-heure.png
widget combo 242-widget-combo.png
User display user-display.png
User authenticate error user-authenticate-error.png
User authenticate user-authenticate.png
User alternative display user-alternative-display.png
translate-item translate-item.png
translate-feature translate-feature.png
selection proprietes 248-selection-proprietes.png
selection lignes 249-selection-lignes.png
Sales orders patchwork sales-orders-patchwork.png
Sales orders menu sales-orders-menu.png
Sales orders list sales-orders-list.png
Sales order edit sales-order-edit.png
print-model print-model.png
print print.png
page principale 226-page-principale.png
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